Chicago Trip 2023

Once every 4 years,  your music student will have the chance to go on one "big" (meaning, traveling by air) trip.  This time, we are privileged to participate in the Chicago Thanksgiving 2023 Parade.   

If you've never visited this vibrant city,  this is a trip your student won't want to miss!  The trip will be a mix of musical performances/education, lots of sightseeing, eating, and memories to last a lifetime. Best of all, they will not miss any school! Parents and families are welcome to travel along;  If you would like to chaperone (about the same cost), please let Mr. Plunkett and Mr. Sherrill know.   Rest assured, there usually is a good number of parent chaperones who help with student supervision. 

Here is the updated information sheet with tentative itinerary and financial information.  

WorldStrides is the travel organization handling some of our trip details. All travelers need to register online with WorldStrides. Here is the link. Scroll to the very bottom right until you see the  "Register" tab.  Enter trip number 207731 where you can register your student's information.  

WorldStrides will collect some of your payments (typically involving the activities) online, and Arcadia Music Club (AMC)  will collect some payments as well (for airplane tickets); check is preferred for AMC payments (or can pay online with an added $5 surcharge fee).  

We hope your child will join us this Thanksgiving and enjoy Chicago's modern architecture and skyscrapers,  waterfront scenery, deep dish pizza, and musical memories!