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Color Guard is a competitive activity that incorporates dance, elaborate costuming and equipment, usually sabres, rifles and flags, to provide a visual representation of music.  With these tools, a well thought out soundtrack, and an often elaborate show design, the competitive color guard activity is growing at amazing rates in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan.  Each year, over 500 competing units, including Arcadia High School, meet at the Winter Guard International (WGI) World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

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Arcadia High School Color Guard has two performance seasons:  Field Season and Winter Guard Season.  During the Field Season, the Color Guard performs with the Marching Band at home football games, as well as weekend competitive events.  Both the Arcadia High School Marching Band and Color Guard are very well known and respected in the Southern California area, as well as in the nation.  The members of Color Guard commit much of their time and effort on the field and in the gym during Winter Season to continue the tradition of excellence set by generations before them.  Commitment to excellence is a reason that Arcadia High School has been asked to participate in the Rose Parade 13 times, and that the Winter World Guard has been a Scholastic World Finalist for over the last 13 consecutive years.  Whether the Guard is competing alongside the Marching Band or on its own, they most often bring home top honors.

Color Guard Staff:   

Anthony Garcia, Rosie Queen, Carrie Appel, Sierra Rodriquez Gomez, and Israel Gutierrez

Field Season:  The Field season begins with summer training and the performances occur during the months of September through early December. All Color Guard members accompany the Marching Band on the field at competitions and during home football games at halftime.  In competition, the Guard adds to the overall score of the Band and is also judged separately. Arcadia High School participates in the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA) field show circuit, the most popular in Southern California, as well as the Western Band Association (WBA).  The Color Guard is broken into multiple groups for the parade season. These groups include tall back flags, banner and front flags, whose members accompany the Marching Band in all the parades.

Winter Guard:  Winter Guard begins in late-November and continues through mid-April.  The Color Guard members no longer perform with the Band, but rather perform indoors to pre-recorded music.  Arcadia High School Color Guard currently has two winter performance groups.  The Scholastic World Guard and the Scholastic "A" Guard whom both participate in various indoor competitions from.  Both Guards participate in a local competitive circuit, the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) which hosts competitions at various locations in Southern California, as well as the WGASC Championships held in April.  The Guards also participates in Winter Guard International events traveling to out of stat regional events as well as the World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

During the school year the Color Guard meets a few evenings a week to rehearse as well as some weekends. The performance schedule will be posted on both the AHS Music Club website.  Parents are encouraged to join in and participate by attending meetings, volunteering at events, and supporting their student by watching the performances.  There are about five parent meetings throughout the year.  These meetings start in May and will continue every two months (on average) throughout the school year.

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