Investing in Excellence

The members of the Arcadia Music Club are parents, guardians, alumni, alumni parents, instructors and community members who support the music students and programs at Arcadia High School and AUSD. Membership supports the tradition of excellence that is Arcadia music.

Membership donations help provide funding for instrumental instruction, musical arrangements, coaching, uniforms, performance opportunities and equipment for our students. These donations are a crucial component of the financial support that Arcadia Music Club provides.

And we have these membership gifts as a token of our appreciation.

Membership levels will receive:
$100 – Donor – 2 concert tickets*
$250 – Sponsor – 4 concert tickets*

Director's Levels
$500 – Silver – 6 concert tickets*
$1,000 – Gold – 10 concert tickets*
$1,500 and above – Platinum – 14 concert tickets*

You can sign up for membership using this AMC Membership google form or by filling out this AMC Membership pdf. To pay online using PayPal or credit card use  this PayPal link.

Becoming a member of the music club does not require any time commitment; however, a majority of our members choose to support the music programs by volunteering their time, talent and energy. 

All are welcome!  Become a member and you are investing in excellence. Thank you for your support!

You can also pay by cash or check (payable to "Arcadia Music Club Inc.") and mail to: P.O. Box 660131, Arcadia, CA 91066-0131.

Note: Many companies have programs that will “match” charitable contributions made by their employees. This may allow you to multiply your gift to AMC by double, sometimes even triple. Please check with your Human Resources Department for details.

*Each Concert Ticket can be used for any of the following events: Orchestra or Band Vertical Concert, Fall String Concert, Fall Choral Concert, Spring Concert, Pops Concert, Choral Pops Concert, and Color Guard Annual Spring Show.

Thank You 2023 Music Club Donors!

The Music Club would like to acknowledge the following members for their generous contributions this year 2023-2024:*

*We apologize if any names below were mispelled in the process of transcribing them from  hand-written membership forms. We ask that you please contact and to notify us of any such errors so they can be quickly rectified. 

$1,500 – Director's Circle Platinum

$1,000 – Director's Circle Gold

$500 – Director's Circle Silver

Alex Fonseca

Colin Leung

Gary Chen & Ketty Zhang

John Wu & Yurq Wu

Sheila Bonilla-Tandoc and Jose Tandoc


$250 – Sponsor

Danny & Hana Chun

Eric & Tiffany Yamamoto

Kevin & Anne Sherrill

Henry Zhang

Jana Dickter

Junjian Jiang

Ling Ji

Marinda Tu

Mimi Ma & Rusty Grafman

Nana Shen

Sophia Xie


$100 – Donor

Alvin Hom

Amanda Yen

Ami Wu

Andreo Sagayaraj

Andy Feng & Christina Lin

Betty Huang

Celina Sun

Chao Wang

Chien-Ting Wan

Chris Sun

Christopher Wong and Olivia Ong

Cindy Chiang

Cromwell Montgomery

Deanna & Patrick Tantraphol

Dolly Chan

Duncan Yang

Ellen Tsun

Esta Fang

Gang Meng

Htar Htar OO

Iwona Engl

Jammie Nam & Do Hee Nam

Jeannie Lam

Jenny Yang & Eli Tsou

Jessica Liu

Jey Liu

Jiao Feng

Joe & Jennifer Shiuen

Johnny Lai & Amy Chan

Joyce Lee

Joyce Wong & Henry So

Kaiya Chang

Katherine Tran

Lei Zhang


Li Luo


Maki Funato & Tony Tsai

Manny Hui

Mary DerMovsesian

Matt & Joyce Taylor

Maung Htut

Nancy Lin


Sharon Wetterau

Shirley Yee

Shuyun Dong

Suresh Nair

Takahiro Yamakawa

Thac Dau

Tiffany Chou

Tiffany Kim

Tiffany Liang

Tiffany Loong

Tigran Diloyan

Tue Tsai Family

Vickie Ho

Victor Lin

Vin Teng

Vivian Ma

Wenqi Zhang

Wenyuan Zhang

Wu, Dawei

Xu Chen

Xueling Xie

Yan Qiao

Yanjun Cui

Yun-Chen Sung

Zina Malki














Other Generous Donors

Amy Chao

Ann Garcia Coligado

Erid & Ruby Aldaco

Eric Wong

Hsingfang Chang

Lorena Guzman

Margaret Aghili

Piyumi Warnapurage

Roger Conant

Shuyan Lin

Xiao Liang

Yi Fang