Check Requests and Deposits

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Check Requests

To submit a check request, forward the Check Request form and invoices/receipts to the Music Club treasurer, as instructed on the check request form. If copies of invoices/receipts are submitted by email, please also forward any actual paper receipts to the treasurer for Music Club files.


If you have a cash deposit to be made, submit the completed Cash Verification Form, along with the deposit, to the Music Club Financial Secretary, Zina Malki at

Fill in the following in the Cash Verification Form (both cash and check can be listed in the same form)

  • Events/ Fundraising activity name

  • Date collected

  • Cash Deposit

  • Make sure that at least two people count the money together. This may include the event chairman or financial secretary if possible.

  • Keep a record of all funds counted using the Cash Verification Form

  • Ensure that all persons counting the money sign the “Cash Verification Form.” And sign.

  • After cash count and sign the verification form, put all cash in the envelope and seal it.

  • Do not keep money overnight at home and do not open cash envelope

  • Financial Secretary will take it to the bank and bank teller will count the cash.

  • No middle man or extra persons handling cash transaction.

  • Money may be kept in a school safe.

  • Check Deposit

  • List all the checks collected in the Cash Verification Form

  • Count and reconcile total amount.

  • Both cash and check can be listed in the same form