The Arcadia Choral program is as old as the high school itself.  Over the years, under the direction of several highly acclaimed directors, the Arcadia High School Choirs have distinguished themselves in many of the various genre of choral performance, including Concert Choir, Show Choir, small ensembles and solos.

Concert and classical performances share equal importance with the traditional pop and show choirs of years past.  During the first semester, every choir will sing primarily concert choir literature, performing at Fall and Holiday Concerts, as well as, occasional performances for the students at such events as athletic events and school assemblies.

This year, we are proud to offer students at Arcadia High School membership in the following performing groups:

Treble Chorus is an all-female ensemble of beginning to intermediate ability.  There is no audition for Treble Chorus.  Anyone can join.

Boys and Girls Concert Choirs rehearse together and perform both together and separately at each of the on campus concerts throughout the school year, including Baccalaureate.  There is not an audition for Boys and Girls Concert Choirs.

Harmonix is the Intermediate level, auditioned choir.  During the fall and late spring, they operate as a Concert Choir.  During the winter months they learn a Show Choir Show and participate in local and regional Show Choir Competitions.  In some years, Harmonix is a mixed group.

Chanteurs is the Advanced, auditioned choir.  In the fall and late spring, Chanteurs perform as a concert choir, entering festivals and performing at each of the on campus choral concerts.  In the winter, they compete as an Advanced Show Choir in local and regional competitions.  At the end of each year, they provide the community of Arcadia with the annual May Show and provide the choral music for the Commencement festivities.

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