Showcase Fundraiser

Pasadena Showcase House 2020 is in Arcadia! 

Due to current medical concerns, the Showcase dates have been changed to June 7 – 28

We can help staff the house, earn free tickets for ourselves, and the Music Club receives a donation! 

Sign Ups for the new dates are not yet open.
Click Here to Sign Up to Work a Shift Details below.

The Arcadia Music Club has been fortunate to be chosen as a Community Liaison for the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA). The 2020 home is in Arcadia. This allows: 
  • Continuing a positive partnership with Pasadena Showcase House who has been a significant financial contributor to our program. 
  • As a volunteer staffer, you work one or more shifts at the house. 
  • Each time you work 2 four-hour shifts, you receive a free afternoon ticket to tour the house. 
  • Additionally, staffers may buy an unlimited number of tickets to see the house after 12:30 pm at the member price of $30. 
  • For each shift worked, the Arcadia Music Club receives $40 from the Showcase House. 
Read an article about the 2020 Showcase house

This year the Showcase House is open April 26 through May 17, closed Mondays. Shifts are 4 hours in length, 9:30 – 1:30 and 1:30 – 5:30. Individuals may pair up and split a shift. Staffers’ primary responsibility is for the safety of guests, “Watch that step!”. Staffers are required to stand for their shift, easily manage stairs and uneven terrain. Assignments are both inside and outside. The minimum age of staffers is 18. House tours by staffers before or after their shift require a ticket. There will be no street parking in the area, but free parking and shuttle are located at Gate #5 at the Race Track.

How to Sign Up for Shifts
The Showcase House uses a system where organizations providing volunteers work through their Community Liaison.  Coyla Grumm will be the Arcadia Music Club liaison this year.  If you would like to volunteer you need to tell what shift or shifts you would like to work. When received,  their Scheduling Program will be checked and available requests will be filled in.  Shifts can be scheduled beginning March 9 but your requests can be put in now.  For the first three days each organization is limited in the number of shifts they can schedule.  Beginning March 12, there is no limit on the number that can be scheduled by one organization on any given day.  (For your convenience, shifts will be scheduled multiple times during the day and confirmations sent out immediately.  If the time requested is filled you will also be notified and another time can be requested.)  It would be best when volunteering to list as many dates/times as you would be willing to work in case times are filled.

The easiest way to request a shift is by clicking here for a Google Form (you do need a google account). You can also email Give the date(s) and time (morning or afternoon).  Give as many options as possible in case your first choice(s) is not available. Include a phone number where you can be contacted if needed.

Details for Workers
  • If you have questions about what day/time you signed up, contact, not the Showcase.
  • Staffers may not work back-to-back shifts.
  • If you are unable to make an assigned shift, please contact
On arrival:
  • Approach the PSHA ticket taker and let them know you are a “community volunteer from Arcadia Music Club.”  
  • Head to the Staffing Office, a tented area in the driveway on the far left side of the house.  This will be your break room during your 10 minute break.
  • Check into the tent 20 minutes before your shift to receive location assignments, a name tag, and your assignment.
  • Please stay at your assignment until replaced or dismissed.
  • Purses, phones, and other belongings must be left in the Staffing Office during shift.
  • It’s suggested you bring a small purse/bag with only the essentials.
  • There are Porta-potties for our use.
Dress Code:
  • Professional or business attire is expected including slacks, suits, dresses, skirts, blouses, nice pants suits and colored shirts.  Any denim clothing, including designer jeans, is not allowed. 
  • Flat shoes or shoes with wide heels must be worn at all times in the Showcase House.  Sandals with heel straps are allowed.  Flip-flops are not allowed. Do wear comfortable shoes suitable for standing your four hour shift. 
  • It is preferred that hats not be worn.  It is understandable if they are worn outdoors due to heat or rain with the brim forward.
  • Dressing in layers is suggested to be comfortable should the weather change through the shift.  
Interacting with Guests:
  • Often the designer or their representative will be nearby.  If a guest has questions about the design space, direct them to the designer, the program, or the poster in the room showing the before picture and the designer’s resources. 
  • If there are questions about the price of any items, some designers will have a price list in an envelope behind the poster.
  • If the designer is unavailable, share the information about the space that is on your docent card.
  • If a guest has questions that you cannot answer, give them the designer’s card and suggest they call the designer.
  • Please remember that even if a particular design space is not to your personal preference, these designers volunteered their time and resources to the Showcase House and we ALWAYS speak positively about their work.
  • If someone is breaking the rules, such as using a cell phone, please speak in a positive tone.  For example, if someone is drinking from a water bottle in the House, say, “Please put your water bottle away until you’re out of the residence.”  Except for emergencies, no one is to sit on the furniture in design spaces, whether in the house or outside.
  • If your space becomes crowded, you might need to hold guests in your area for a while.  Point out the poster board with the before picture, and share other information you have about the designer or the space. 
In case of an emergency:
  • Do not call 911.
  • Contact the captain via walkie-talkie.  Give your location and
  • STAT — minor fall or situation
  • 911 — major fall or medical emergency
  • 911/Fire — fire
If you have any questions please feel free to contact

Let’s earn some money for the Music Club,
 show Showcase House we appreciate their generous support, 
and have fun doing it!

Sign Ups for the new dates are not yet open.
Click Here to Sign Up to Work a Shift.