Orchestra Benefit Dinner 2019 — Thank You

The 25th Annual Orchestra Benefit Dinner was beautiful and truly reflected what it looks like when people come together to work towards a common goal: to make sure our AHS orchestra students get the best experience possible all year-round. Thanks to everyone who played a part in making the event a success, whether you bought tickets, donated money or silent auction items, or bought/sold program ads.  It truly takes a village to make this program thrive. 

Special thanks to the OBD Committee, which gave of their time and energy to make the event happen, particularly our three phenomenal event co-chairs: Frances Cheng, Sharleen Nakamoto, and Grace You. Without their leadership, and without the dedication of their team, this event would not have happened. 

The students, directors, and parents are so grateful for all of the support given to the orchestra program through the OBD! 

Many thanks to the following contributors for becoming our “Friends of Orchestra”! We greatly appreciate your generous support of our orchestra program. 


Arcadia Center Pharmacy

SK Taekwondo Center, Temple City

Neighborhood Music School

May’s Cafe

Patrick L.P. Chow, DDS

Law Office of April A. Verlato

Young Scholars Institute, LLC

Golden Deli

Re/Max Pauline Cheng

Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church

Huang Ophthalmology Center

Paul Chen

Monrovia Dental Care

Sullivan Workman & DEE, LLP

Top Education Institute

Fortune Fencing

K.C. Hwang, DDS

Arcadia Conservatory of Music

Arcadia Chinese Association

Fong’s Kung Fu

Metzler Violins

College Torch College Counseling

Million Decor Design

Jennifer Wei

American Plus Bank

Abari Orthodontics Dental Office

Hotel Constance S. Pasadena

T.J. Financial

Amac Violins Center

Arcadia Education Foundation

Arbonne International, LLC

Alpha Science

Michael’s Fine Art

AHS Chinese Parents Booster Club

First Orthodontics

ShabuLin Inc

Lee's Music Center

Celestial Solar & Water Systems Inc.

Arcadia Performing Arts Center Foundation

Book Rack

Olympia Youth Orchestra of CalStateLA Philharmonic Orchestra


Lily Liu

Shirby Wen

Pu Chen

Wilson Castro

Shi Xiong Xiao

Seshu Alla

Amy Pan

Jason L Kruckeberg

Anthony Tran

Kelly Young

Lake Yin

Jue Hann Shen

Christine Lee

Moon Seo

Mark Feng

Zhaoping Liu

Gregg Kasubuchi

Mike Chu

Angel & Tania Lemus

Nan Lin Peng

Thang Huu Le

Haining Liu

Jimmy Tan

Jee Won Kim

Gregory & Kathryn Klatt

Vincent Long

Yu Hua Gao

Chia Chi Hu

Takashi IIzuka

Shirley Diep

Cathy Tan

Jin Yong Wu

Huisi Luo

Mike Chu

Yong Sung Yoo

Stephen Reale

Robert Wang &

Kukui Chen

Allen Sam

Tai T La

Chi-On Tsun

Toshio Miki

Toan S Phu

Letty Chen

Bang Du

Mi Lam

Tiffany Hsiao

Win O Maung

Amy Bertolini

Hamid & Wendy Naziri

Guang Yu Zhang

Hang T Nguyen

Sanghan Shih

Liang Zhang

Johnny Pang

Robert Powers /

College Torch College Counseling

Rick McGregor '83 (Alto Sax) / McGregor Creative, LLC

Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church

Aixian Zhou

Silent Auction

Tom Forbes

Pin Chen

May Araki

B.J. Restaurant

Rose Parade

Dr. Kendric Kajikawa

Lee’s Music Center

Black Angus

IHOP, Arcadia

Roclord Studio

Wood Ranch Restaurant, Arcadia

Clarizio Chiropractic, Inc

Souplantation, Monrovia

Hotel Constance S. Pasadena

Rosa Musical Instrument

Yiren Wang

Michael Huang


Islands Restaurant

Book Rack

BJ Restaurant, Monrovia

Flower Mart

Cake Sisters

Jump'n Jamming

In and Out Burgers

Arcadia Fire Dept

Sophia Xie

Christine Lin

Vick Liu

Tapioca Express

SK Taekwondo Center, Temple City

Aquarium of the Pacific

Clarizio Chiropractic, Inc.

Arcadia Conservatory of Music

La Puente Firing Range

Paul Cheng

Michael Huang

Corner Beauty

Lee’s Music Center


Din Tai Fung

Antoinette Skin

Fong's Kung Fu

Magic Mountain

StoneFire Grill

Robert Powers / College Torch College Counseling

Dr Jen Chow
Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

Pasadena Symphony and POPs

Kenn Chan /
ADS Security Dynamic Services, Inc.

Villa Catrina Mexican Restaurant

Moffett's Family Restaurant

Arcadia Santa Anita Golf

Pasadena Ice Skating Center

Discovery Science Foundation

Hollywood Wax Museum

Allison Huang

Faith Fitness LLC

The Arboretum

Corner Bakery

Olive Garden

A Noise Within

Arcadia Par 3

Embassy Suites

Party Pronto

Nancy Chan

Pochan Chu

Jee Won Kim

Fasching's Car Wash


Alpha Science

Fortune Fencing

Armstrong Garden

Gloria Chu

Kevin Li

Seshu Alla

Bryan Eng

Big 5 Sporting Goods

The Ponds Ice Crème

Trader Joe's

Courtyard Marriott in Monrovia

California Philharmonic


Cheesecake Factory

 Paulette Yao

Santa Anita Race Track

Arcadia Police dept

Arcadia High School

Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation

 Dave and Buster‘s

Anna Ching

Bertrand‘s Old Town Music

John Tudor of Piano Wholesale

Green Street Restaurant

 Ashley Eng

Arcadia Garden's Cafe

Pasadena Ice Skating Center


Arbonne Beauty (Yulanda Davis- Quarrie)


Rosa Musical Instrument

AHS Orchestra 3 Students



Lily Liu

Mayor Sho Tay and Sherry Tay

John Tung/

AHS Asst Principal

Sarah Ooi

Maggie Chen/

Emily Yie

Kalpana Thiyagarajan

Tom Forbes

Mayor Pro Tem April Verlato and Chris Seymour

AHS Chinese Parents Booster Club

Shawn/Innie Chang

Zheng Zhang

Furong Tan

Maria Lau

City Clerk Gene Glasco

Arcadia Chinese Association

Yuan Hsia Chuang

Bensen Tse

Subrahmanya Jampana

Kristy Chen

Fenton & Marilyn Eng/

AUSD board member

Kate Gao/AEF Trustee member

Paulette Yao

Di & Scott Weisinger

Calvin Quach

Pauline Sun

Ivy Puilan Leung-Hui

Ted Dang

Cathy Lee

Melody Song

George Wu

Angela Su

Shirley & Ronnie Chan

Nan Lin Peng

Javier Aguilar

Moon Seo

Sybil Yu

Joise Sun

Catherine Yeh

Angel & Tania Lemus

Koutai Hsieh

Zhigang Nie

Ziyi Xie

Alan Diaz

Li-Hsueh Chen

Susie Lu

Michael Carter

Frances Cheng

Grace You

Daniel Zhou

Cheryl Tarsala

Kelly Yu

Macy Wang

Masashi Inoue

Joy Cheng

Sylvia Lee

Carl Miyatake

Cindy Wu

Fang Sui

Ling Ding

Amy Tsui

Sophia Xie

Celeste Lee

Wilson Castro

Raymond Chen

Hong Eng Koh

Joyce La

Deb Biswas

Mandy Zhou

Gabriel Hernandez

Vivian Nguyen

Shuqiao Chen

Nancy Cho

Qun Ju

Amy Yip

Jenny Chia

Eric Chin

William Choi

Angel Lemus

Shirley Chen

Abhijit Biswas

Alex Cheung

Xuelian Wang

Richard Lee

Judy Mar

Shirley & Ray Lee

Robert Powers/College Torch College Counseling

Thomas White & Lena Chin

Julie Lim

Gregory & Kathryn Klatt

Danny Barton/

Dana Teacher

Kimma Dino

Christine Lee/Maggie Tu

Jiwen Zhuang

Christine LIn

Paul Yang

College Tech

Kelli Tang

Jeane Karsana

Chia Kang Tien

Cindy Ong

Regina Shay

Anna Aguilla

Cindy Lau

Sue Tang

Ya-Huei Kuo

Bertram Wong

Monika Bartra

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