Orchestra Benefit Dinner 2019

Dear Orchestra Families and Supporters,
The Arcadia High School Orchestras will celebrate their 25th Annual Benefit Dinner and Concert on Saturday, February 23, 2019. This fundraising event is held annually at the Arcadia Masonic Center. The Arcadia High School Orchestras have a history of excellence of over 60 years and continue to be a model for high schools throughout the state and country. 
Our theme for this year’s wonderful event is “Silver 25th Anniversary!” It begins with a delicious catered dinner, followed by entertainment featuring string ensembles from the AHS Orchestras. As an annual tradition, we always invite an outstanding guest artist to perform as well. Best of all, the most unique experience is the grand finale that showcases all 300 orchestra performers completely surrounding the guests. It should prove to be an exciting evening for everyone.
The funds generated from this prestigious event provide many orchestra necessities (coaching, musical instruments, materials and supplies for the orchestra room) that may not otherwise be available to us. This is a great opportunity for you to be a “Friend of the Orchestra.” There are four ways in which you can provide support for this event: 1) purchase event ticket(s), 2) purchase advertising space in the program book, 3) be a benefactor, or 4) donate items for our silent auction. We are grateful to receive new and current items valued at $50 or more for our silent auction such as musical instruments, electronics, tickets to sporting or music events, gift certificates, and services such as spa treatments or music lessons (just to name a few). All donations are tax- deductible to the extent permitted by law. Here is a contribution form for you to complete. Please take a few moments and respond by sending this form back by February 1, 2019. Thank you for your support and generosity for the continuing success of the Arcadia High School Orchestras.  
Thomas J. Forbes

Orchestra Director
Arcadia High School
Pin Chen

Orchestra Director
Arcadia High School
Mery Montgomery

Arcadia Music Club

P r o m o t i n g   t h e g o a l s o f   t h e A r c a d i a s c h o o l s ’   m u s i c p r o g r a m s .

Many thanks to the following contributors for becoming our “Friends of Orchestra”! We greatly appreciate your generous support to our music program. 
Advertisements:  1. Arcadia Center Pharmacy 2. Patrick L.P. Chow, DDS 3. Re/Max Pauline Cheng 4. Olympia Youth Orchestra of CalStateLA Philharmonic Orchestra 5. May’s Cafe 6. Monrovia Dental Care 7. Golden Deli 8. K.C. Hwang, DDS 9. Metzler Violins 10. Law Office of April A. Verlato 11. Neighborhood Music School 12. SK Taekwando Center, Temple City 13. Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church 14. Amac Violins Center 15. American Plus Bank 16. Arcadia Conservatory of Music 17. Huang Ophthalmology Center 18. Abari Orthodontics Dental Office Inc. 19. College Torch College Counseling  20. Sullivan Workman & DEE, LLP  21. Celestial Solar & Water Systems Inc.  22. Young Scholars Institute, LLC  23. Fortune Fencing  24.  Isaac Chen  25.  Million Decor Design
Benefactors  1. Andy & Shirley Diep 2. Lily Liu (Grand Funding Network, Inc.) 3. Nan Lin Peng 4. Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church 5. McGregor Creative, LLC 6. Moon Seo 7. College Torch College Counseling  8.  Aixian Zhou  9.  Johnny Pang  10. Amy Bertolini  11. Shirby Wen  12.  Toan S Phu  13. Stephen Reale  14. Angel & Tania Lemus  15. Jee Won Kim  16.  Mike Chu  17.  Jue Hann Shen  18. Liang Zhang  19. Calvin Quach  20.  Win O Maung  21. Toshio Miki  22. Chia Chi Hu  23. Mike Chu  24. Vincent Long  25. Chi-On Tsun  26.Tiffany Hsiao
Silent Auction:   1. May Araki 2 Dr. Kendric Kajikawa 3. Wood Ranch Restaurant, Arcadia 4.Vick Liu 5. BJ Restaurant, Monrovia 6. Souplantation, Monrovia 7. SK Taekwando Center, Temple City  8. Paul Cheng  9. Din Tai Fung  10. Allison Huang  11. Faith Fitness LLC  12. College Torch College Counseling  13. A Noise Within  14. Pochan Chu  15. Fortune Fencing  16. Jee Won Kim  17. Sophia Xie  18. Seshu Alla
Tickets:  1. Maria Lau  2. Kristy Chen  3. Cheryl B. Tarsala  4. Alexander & Monica Chan  5.  Clement Khaw/Sara Ooi  6.  Nan Lin Peng  7.  Shirley & Ronnie Chan  8. Pauline Sun   9. Kin Hui   10. Tom White  11.  Moon Seo  12.  Zhigang Nie  13. Syble Yu  14. Kelli Tang   15. College Torch College Counseling  16. Yuan Hsia Chuang  17. Alan Diaz  18. Masashi Inoue  19. Lily Liu  20. Arcadia Chinese Association  21. Ling Ding  22. Chia Kang Tien  23. Daniel Zhou  24. Catherine Yeh  25. Li-Hsueh Chen  26.  Ya-Huei Kuo  27.  Hong Eng Koh  28.  Di & Scott Weisinger  29.  Shuqiao Chen  30. Susie Lu  31. William Choi  32.  Ted Dang  33. Richard Lee  34.  Javier Aguilar  35.  Paulette Yao  36.  Joise Sun  37.  Cathy Lee  38.  Shawn/Innie Chang  39. Angel & Tania Lemus  40. Bensen Tse  41.  Michael Carter  42. Macy Wang  43.  Julie Lim  44.  Paul Yang  45.  Regina Shay  46.  Monika Bartra  47.  Kalpana Thiyagarajan  48. Furong Tan  49. Subrahmanya Jampana  50.   Fang Sui  51. Sophia Xie  52. Raymond Chen  53. Sylvia Lee  54. Vivian Nguyen  55. Sylvia Lee  56.  Cindy Lau  57.  Deb Biswas  58. Carl Miyatake  59.  George Wu  60.  Ziyi Xie   61.  Joyce La

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