Investing in Excellence

The members of the Arcadia Music Club are parents, guardians, alumni, alumni parents, instructors and community members who support the music students and programs at Arcadia High School and AUSD.  Membership supports the tradition of excellence that is Arcadia music.

Membership donations help provide funding for instrumental instruction, musical arrangements, coaching, uniforms, performance opportunities and equipment for our students.  These donations are a crucial component of the financial support that Arcadia Music Club provides. And we have these membership gifts as a token of our appreciation.

Becoming a member of the music club does not require any time commitment; however, a majority of our members choose to support the music programs by volunteering their time, talent and energy. 

All are welcome!  Become a member and you are investing in excellence.

Once you've filled out the form using the Join Here button, you can pay by cash or check and mail to: P.O. Box 660131, Arcadia, CA 91066-0131.

Or you can pay credit card/PayPal using the link below.

Thank You 2020 Music Club Donors!

The Music Club would like to acknowledge the following members for their generous contributions this year 2020-2021:

$1,000 – Director's Circle Gold
Ada Wong
Angela Truong

$500 – Director's Circle Silver
Tammy Kasubuchi
Lily Liu
Wenjiao Lin
Steve Treiman
Yu Lin Chang 
Maria Sansui

$250 – Sponsor
Sean Costello
Valma Kwong
Dave Montgomery
Helen Tao
Lindsay Lee
Jennifer Simpson
Desiree Alvarado
John Mathewson
Rebecca Lin
Stacy Taing
Kevin Sherrill
Tom White
Andrew Juarez
Joy Wong
Jose Tandoc

$150 – Donor
Wenxian Tang
Cindy Roberts
Stephen Jiang
Paula Rothschild
Tram Nguyen
Mary DerMovsesian
Jing Tung
Sharleen Nakamoto
Lynne Snyder
Sudha Raj
Kenneth Meyer
Cary Chiang
Jack Yang
Dayita Datta
Cathy Lee
Lovia Cheng
Koon Wah Ng

$60 – Supporter
Lily Harada
Joy Kwong
Regina Shay
Donna Tom
Jane Dong
Renuka Kota
Dana Menck
Ying Zhang
Toni Chu
Joyce Wong
Linda Lo
Evalene Lam*
Bingbing Zhang
Paul Loh
Jennifer Vargo
Anna Yamada
Grace Camacho
Ramesh Puligulla
Shirby Wen
Harry Mac
Jonie Tsuji
Kiet Tran
Cynthia Chan
Vivian Ma
Aparna Krishnan
Carme Gieson
Yuhui Hung
Lesa Lim
Victoria Tarango*
Terry and Linda Ogura
Guirong Zhou
Khiet Luc
LiNing Recendez
David Ma
Bernadette E Manalo-Lew
Qianqian Dong
Rachelle Tse
Carlos Estrada
Hiroko Hall
Sukyee Lok
Scarlett Oh
Yusoff Thaimas
Minh Luc 
Posie Muliadi
My Le Hong
Christine Zhang
Mia Xiao
Dan Li
Diana Ji
Mariana Dinata
Anitha Kuppusamy Vellaichamy
Angela Wang
Cam Nguyen
Ga-Young Kim
Caroline and Jonathan Wu
Henry Wu
Sock Loh
Tiffney Chang
Cindy Fong
Emily Tran
Kristy Chen
Tim Vuong
Debjani Biswas
Deborah Hsu
An-chi Su
Catherine Lee
Clare Choe
Yingna Shen
Nancy Lin
Hui-Ying Sherry Lee
Sonia Velarde
FangFang He
Richard Kwock
Sandra M Goda
Laura Warren
Sarah Lee
Marco Lopez
Elaine Mair
Aishling Gardner
Johnny Lai
Kathleen Tiemubol
Deanna Nancarrow

*Two children are in the program and same donation amount for each child.